Meet our Team

Meet our Personal Trainer and Staff here at Overhaul Fitness Caloundra! With years of experience within the fitness industry we have created a high quality program run by University educated trainers to ensure our members get the best results possible!! 

Our biggest focus is helping you live your best life by helping create a strong healthy body and mindset.
Personal Trainer at Overhaul Fitness Caloundra

Chris Dyer – Owner & Personal Trainer 

Hi guys, my name is Chris and I have been running Overhaul Fitness since 2013. In that time I have helped thousands of people achieve their goals through training, education and support.

I am a big advocate for self development, expanding my mindset and overall growth. I love sport, adventuring new places and long walks down the beach holding hands… Whoops, wrong post. I mean training!! 😜😂 

Continuing on, I like to make training fun and have a good laugh along the way. I am highly driven to help people in any way I can so extremely grateful to share my passion in training, nutrition and mindset! 

I have a strong background in strength and conditioning through the completion of my Bachelor Degree in Sport and Exercise Science as well as high performance training and injury rehabilitation through mobility training. 

Personal Trainer at Overhaul Fitness Caloundra

Tara Milne – Personal Trainer 
Hi everyone, my name is Tara. I am a new edition to the Overhaul team, so here is a little bit about myself ☺️

I have been passionate about exercise, health and well-being my whole life and find a heartwarming joy in helping others in their journey, in which I understand can be challenging and at times emotional.

My goal is to increase the education and awareness around exercise and well-being as well as supporting everyone who has chosen this beautiful journey to a happier, healthier, fulfilled life. 🧡🤸🏽‍♀️✨

This is why I am on the path I am on, as well as about to begin my 4th year of University studies to become a qualified Exercise Physiologist at USC.

I look forward to meeting you all at training!! ☺️

Personal Trainer at Overhaul Fitness Caloundra

Tim Aviu – Personal Trainer  

Howdy ✌🏽 coach Tim here, super stoked to finally join the Overhaul fam!

I’ve quite literally spent my entire life immersed in the world of high-performance sport and fitness, having been a 2 time professional athlete since I was a teen & now being on the other side of the fence for the last 4years as a coach.

My specialty’s human movement, whether it be high performance or injury rehab, I literally just want to help people unlock their full potential and realise what the human machine is truly capable of when we address all your pillars of health and performance holistically.

So come down to the Overhaul studio sometime and join the fun train with me for a play! 💪🏽😁


Smiling personal trainer

Slade Blunt – Personal Trainer 

Administration at Overhaul Fitness Caloundra

Isabelle Svantesson – Administrator

Hi everyone! Isabelle here, the admin at Overhaul Fitness. I have been a part of the team since 2016, where I started working as a personal trainer and running outdoor group classes.🏃‍♀️

I am now the person creating magic behind the scenes and making sure things a running smoothly. Got questions, inputs or thoughts? Just send me a message! ☺️👋 

My biggest passion in life has always been health, fitness, nutrition and sport! Knowing the impact training has on our lives, I think it’s super important to make sure this is a part of our everyday routine. 

My best training advice is to do something you enjoy and do it with fun people! 🤩