Personal Training

A 1 on 1 training session is the best way to intensify your results by ensuring all our targets required for your success have been met. This package will not only be specifically tailored around you and your personal fitness goals but it will also give you the most support, accountability, and coaching through your entire fitness journey.

Mobility Class

This is one of our most important class. Mobility plays a massive role in improving movement quality and preventing injuries through out life. Mobility work will allow you to maximise your progress in anything you do whether it’s increasing the size of your muscles, building strength or developing movement skills.

Bootcamp Session

These sessions are varied and are based on high intensity, interval and resistance training methods to help you achieve your goals. The best part of group training is the energy and the encouragement that you get from one another. Another great thing about group training is that it fits into most people’s budgets better while still allowing individual attention. Max 12 people per class.

Strength Class

5 session times a week to choose from and located in our private studio in Little Mountain. These sessions are focused on improving your strength, fitness and toning your whole body in a fun group environment. Max 10 people per class.


You will learn correct boxing technique while having fun. Not only is this a great stress relief but also great fitness! There will be a series of combinations you will learn as well as boxing drills to raise your heart rate and get results.

Small Private Group Session

Small group training has the benefits of personal training but with shared fun with 2 or more friends! Sessions are personalised to your groups goals and partaken at your fitness level. Not only can you evenly split the cost between friends but you are also provided with the same intensity and motivation as per our 1 on 1 training sessions.