Group Classes

Strength & Mobility

Besides looking and feeling great, strength training is effective in increasing bone density and strengthening tendons and ligaments. Building muscle actually helps to effectively burn more calories and helps control body fat.
If you increase your strength it will also allow your body to be more resistant to injuries, and general aches and pains.


This is one of our most important class. Mobility plays a massive role in improving movement quality and preventing injuries throughout life. Mobility work will allow you to maximize your progress in anything you do whether it’s increasing the size of your muscles, building strength or developing movement skills. 

core & Stretch

In this session we are targeting just core and stretching. Your abdominal muscles, which are part of your core, consist of some of the hardest working muscles in your body. Strengthening your abs regularly will improve your posture, decrease your risk of injury and back pain, and help you move with ease. Stretching keeps the muscles flexible, strong, and healthy, and we need that flexibility to maintain a range of motion in the joints.

Booty Class

Booty classes are made to specifically targeting your glutes. Strong glute muscles are extremely important as these muscles have a major impact on your overall body strength. Your gluteus are essential to lower back health, reducing pressure and pain on your knees as well as improving your speed, mobility and athletic performance.